This book focuses on the building of a crypto economy as an alternative economic space and discusses how the crypto economy should be governed. The crypto economy is examined in its productive and financialised aspects, in order to distil the need for governance in this economic space.  The author argues that it is imperative for regulatory policy to develop the economic governance of the blockchain-based business model, in order to facilitate economic mobilisation and wealth creation. The regulatory framework should cater for a new and unique enterprise organisational law and the fund-raising and financing of blockchain-based development projects. Such a regulatory framework is crucially enabling in nature and consistent with the tenets of regulatory capitalism.  More information about the book is available HERE.


Professor Iris Chiu

Professor of Company Law and Financial Regulation

Faculty of Laws, University College London


Professor Kelvin Low

Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore


Emily Lee, Associate Professor and Director

Asian Institute of International Financial Law, Faculty of Law, University of Hong Kong

Dora Neo, Associate Professor and Director

Centre for Banking & Finance Law, Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore