A “negative vote” is a vote cast against a candidate or a party. Although each voter still has only one vote, (s)he has the option to vote “no” instead of”yes”. Proponents of this system believe that this option should be a basic right for all voters, citing its potential benefit to improve democratic processes in countries if it is implemented as well as reducing tensions in volatile states.

The system certainly appears to promise increased voter participation. The Negative Vote Association in Taiwan commissioned 3 Gallup surveys to evaluate the impact of Negative Vote in elections. The results of these polls are surprising and may, in some cases, even be called shocking.

This event will encourage audience participation and interaction with the speaker in the discussion of Negative Votes. Prior to attending, the speaker would like to invite members of the audience to consider whether “negative voting” might offer a solution that could simultaneously satisfy both Hong Kong’s expectation for genuine universal suffrage and Beijing’s desire to control the nomination process?