The public usually associates FinTech or TechFin with the technology that reshapes or changes the financial industry. More attention should be paid to the ultimate goal of technology and financial advancement to improve people’s living quality and promote socio-economic development. Professor Chen Lin of HKU Business School invites four prominent industry leaders to share their thoughts with great depth under the theme of “Technology and Inclusive Growth”. Hongbing Gao (Alibaba Group, AliResearch), Bing Ma (Tencent), Pingping Ren (iFlytek) and Shihua Yang (Nongjin Puhui International Holdings Limited) explore how technology can help empower finance to tackle inequity to enhance the quality of life, promote employment opportunities, alleviate poverty, and create a more liveable environment. Audience can expect to learn from the forerunners of how FinTech change the world from multiple perspectives. This discussion is delivered in Mandarin only.