Date: 11Mar 2019

Efforts towards Better Respect for International Humanitarian Law: Global Perspectives and the Crossroads with China by Larry Maybee, ICRC and Margherita D’Ascanio, ICRC

How does the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) work towards better respect for international humanitarian law (IHL)? The ICRC Regional Delegation in Beijing will share with us their global experience in humanizing armed conflicts and their local experience of humanitarian diplomacy in China. What help does the ICRC offer to regional states to incorporate, implement and enforce IHL? What has been the ICRC’s experience in lobbying regional states such as China to join IHL related treaties such as the Arms Trade Treaty? How does the ICRC interact with other international/ transnational actors in relation to conflict-related migration in the region and outbound investments into conflict zones regulated by IHL? More generally, what is the ICRC’s hope on influential states, such as China, which is also a permanent member of the Security Council, to enhance respect for IHL? This lunchtime seminar will explore these and many more uncharted crossroads between IHL and China.

Larry Maybee is the Deputy Head of the ICRC Regional Delegation for East Asia, based in Beijing. He was previously the Regional Legal Adviser for the same Regional Delegation in Beijing. From 2014-2016 Mr. Maybee was the Head of the Legal Department for the ICRC Delegation in Israel and the Occupied Territories. He held this same position from 2008-2009. From 2009-2014 Mr. Maybee was the ICRC Regional Delegate to Armed and Security Forces for South East Asia and the Pacific. Mr. Maybee was also the ICRC’s Regional Legal Adviser for South Asia from 2004-2007 and Legal Adviser for the ICRC’s operations in Iraq from 2007-2008. Mr. Maybee joined the ICRC in 2004 following a 26-year military career as a combat arms and legal officer in the Canadian Forces and with the New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF).

Margherita D’Ascanio is a Regional Legal Adviser at the ICRC and also the Head of Legal Department at the ICRC Regional Delegation for East Asia, covering China, Mongolia, North Korea and South Korea. Prior to her position in Beijing, Margherita served as Regional Legal Advisor in the ICRC Regional Delegation in Malaysia covering South East Asian countries and was a Thematic Legal Advisor in ICRC Headquarters in Geneva. Between 2014 and 2016, Margherita held the positions of Legal Advisor in the Academic Sector and of Law and Policy Outreach Advisor in the Outreach Sector of the Law and Policy Forum Unit of ICRC Headquarters. Before joining the ICRC in 2014, Margherita worked for several law firms and NGOs, as well as the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY).