As a well-known scholar in the field of Public Law, how did you embark on Public Law research? 您是如何踏上公法研究之路?

How is life at HKU different for mainland postgraduate students as compared with studying in the mainland? 您認為在港大與在內地學習法律有何區別?

What do you think distinguishes HKU Law from other law schools in Hong Kong? 您覺得港大法律學院與香港其他幾家法學院有什麼區別?

What is meaningful about studying law at HKU? 您覺得來港大學法律的意義是什麼?

What are the advantages of choosing to study in Hong Kong compared to Europe and the United States? 選擇在香港學習相較於歐美有何優勢呢?

What has your experience been as the dean of the HKU faculty of law? 作為院長,您在學院工作上有什麼感受?

Why did you choose to come to Hong Kong? 您為什麼選擇來香港?