Date: 01Mar 2016

Professor Yoshiaki Nomura

Osaka School of International Public Policy

In professional life as executives or lawyers, negotiation is everywhere. How one negotiates can determine the success or failure of a project and can also create new values. Yet not many of us learn how to negotiate better. This seminar will examine how negotiation technique can make a difference in business and daily life. It will explain how one can become a better negotiator through learning the basics of principled negotiation.

Professor Tetsuo Morishita

Sophia University

Professor Morishita is a member of the Steering Committee of the Intercollegiate Negotiation Competition, an annual competition held in Tokyo in which the University of Hong Kong has been a participant since 2014. After a brief explanation of the Intercollegiate Negotiation Competition, he will reveal some of the secrets of better negotiation that have been learned from past competitions.