Date: 12Jan 2016

Three generations have fought for Hong Kong’s democracy for thirty years but the goal is still not achieved. Does Hong Kong’s democracy have a future? Martin Lee, Benny Tai and Joshua Wong come together to explore how to walk this long and winding path of Hong Kong’s democracy.


Martin C. M. Lee Founding Chairman, Democratic Party (1994 – 2002)

Legislative Councillor (1985 to 2008)

Benny Y. T. Tai

Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, The University of Hong Kong;

Proposer and organizer of Occupy Central with Love and Peace

Joshua Wong

Founder of Scholarism

走過三十年,三代人爭取香港的民 主,到現在還未能成功。香港的民 主 能有未來嗎?戴耀廷與李柱銘 和黃之 鋒一起探索香港的民主路 可以如何走下去。


李柱銘 民主黨創黨主席 (1994-2002) 香港立法局和立法會議員 (1985-2008)

戴耀廷 香港大學法律學院副教授 「讓愛與和平佔領中環」發起人

黃之鋒 「學民思潮」創辦人