Date: 08May 2016

For years, the Hong Kong Government has repeatedly stated that there is no evidence that Hong Kong is a source, destination or transit area for human trafficking or forced labour. The Justice Centre conducted the first comprehensive study of its kind to collect data and collate it to determine the extent of the problem in Hong Kong.

This presentation will provide an detailed overview of the findings of the study, the innovative research methodology used to collect and analyse the data as well as the recommendations made to the Hong Kong Government for policy and law reform to ensure the protection of the rights of domestic workers against forced labour and human trafficking. The findings present an insight into the scale of forced labour and human trafficking for the purpose of forced labour amongst migrant domestic worker population in Hong Kong (1 in 6 domestic workers in Hong Kong bear all the necessary markers required for categorisation as being in ‘forced labour’).

The outcomes suggest that exploitation is widespread and that existing laws and policies do not adequately protect migrant domestic workers, who make up 10% of the workforce here.