Date:24-25 May 2022

CCPL Zoom Conference: COVID-19, Borders, and the Law 24 MAY 2022 (TUE) & 25 MAY 2022 (WED)

PANEL 4: The Impact of Covid-19 on Migrants and Refugees 25 May 2022(WED) 7:30pm-9pm HKT

“Migration in the Mediterranean at the Time of the Pandemic” – Sofia Galani (Panteion University, Greece)

“Citizenship, the Exclusive State, and the Transboundary Pandemic: Covid-19 and Migrants in Southeast Asia” – Sriprapha Petcharamesree (Mahibol University, Thailand)

“How Covid-19 Reinforced Existing Challenges to the Protection of Forced Migrants: Examples from South America” – Liliana Jubilut (Universidade Católica de Santos, Brazil)

Chair: Kelley Loper (HKU Law) This conference was organized by the Centre for Comparative and Public Law, HKU and was held via Zoom Meeting.