Date: 7 Dec 2020 (Monday)

Time: 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm


The application of artificial intelligence (AI) in medicine and healthcare has become increasingly commonplace and ubiquitous. The “Health and Artificial Intelligence: Law, Ethics and Society” webinar in December 2020 brought together experts from various stakeholder disciplines for an interdisciplinary discussion on the application and impact of AI in healthcare.


Speakers & Programme of the webinar: click here

The webinar consisted of:

  1. Workshop 1: “Ethical Considerations and Policy Development” (video recording above); and
  2. Workshop 2: “Responsible AI and the Law” (video recordings available at “Health and Artificial Intelligence: Law, Ethics and Society” — Workshop 2: Responsible AI and the Law – HKU Law Video Archive). 

Workshop 1, which considered how ethical concerns over the use of AI had impacted software developers and policymakers, consisted of the following sessions:


Presentation 1 (Slides: click here)

Title: Use of Artificial Intelligence in Chest Imaging

Speaker: Dr María del Rosario Perez, Scientist, Radiation and Health Unit, Department of Environment, Climate Change and Health (ECH), Division of Healthier Populations (HEP), World Health Organization



Presentation 2

Title: AI and Biomedical Technologies: a multi-stakeholders challenge

Speaker: Prof W. John Kao, Chair Professor of Translational Medical Engineering, Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering and Biomedical Engineering Program, Faculty of Engineering and Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine, The University of Hong Kong, HK



Presentation 3 (Slides: click here)

Title: A Qualitative Research of Views on Implementing Ethical Considerations into AI design in Healthcare Field: Shenzhen, China

Speaker: Dr Ping Ji, Deputy Director, Peking University Clinical Research Institute (Shenzhen), China



Presentation 4

Title: Regulating Black Box Medicine: the policy context

Speaker: Ms Alison Hall, Head of Humanities, PHG Foundation, University of Cambridge, UK



General discussion and Q&A



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