Date: 10Dec 2015

In this lunchtime seminar, Dr. Ben Capell will present his research on the recent developments and success factors of activism in various Asian societies. In it, he will discuss the development of the movement for equal rights for gays and lesbians in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Singapore, Taiwan and Malaysia. He will explore how various elements condition the evolution and achievements of activist efforts. His data from interviews and literature review suggests that activists tend to make the greatest progress where they operate in an environment that encourages citizens’ political involvement, where legislators are selected based on popular vote, and where the society is receptive to LGB issues and to minority rights. Beyond these contextual conditions, evidence shows that activists can make critical progress when they are able to capitalize on pivotal incidents that have the potential of generating public empathy, and when they successfully draw connections between their specific claims to the values and needs shared by the larger population.

Dr Ben Capell researched drivers of inclusion in Asian Global Cities during his time a Visiting Fellow with CCPL. Ben holds a doctorate from ESADE Business School and is a head researcher of ESADE’s Future of Work Chair. His main areas of research include Trust, Cross-Cultural Management, Organisational HR practices and Diversity. Apart from his academic work Ben is also an organisational development consultant and has held multiple senior roles in leading multinational corporations in the area of people development.

NON-PRESENTING CO-AUTHORS: Puja Kapai Director, CCPL Associate Professor, Faculty of Law

Dr. Sherif Elgebeily Assistant Research Officer, CCPL Part-time Lecturer, Faculty of Law