Date: 24Oct 2015

This seminar, hosted by the Centre for Comparative and Public Law at the University of Hong Kong, is the sixth and final event in the Economic and Social Research Council Seminar Series, and will focus on cross-cultural strategies and approaches to understanding and addressing Intimate Partner Violence. The effectiveness of the frameworks and institutional capacities for protection against domestic violence are predominantly dependent on individual user capacities and their internal cultural response systems, which either drive or discourage certain courses of action. Findings from multiple studies now confirm that women of colour, immigrant women, and those categorised in other minority status groups such as persons with disabilities tend to be most vulnerable to being entrenched in situations of violence.

The failure to account for and consider the internal and external conflicts in value systems which these predominant frames of characterizing and addressing violence represent for the victims concerned, creates a critical gap in the provision of effective redress against violence for particular groups of women.

This seminar, therefore, brings together experts to examine approaches to cultural mapping in the context of developing effective responses to intimate partner violence to assist victims and perpetrators by locating knowledge and strategies in the lived realities of ethnically and culturally diverse victims and perpetrators of violence.

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