Date: 25 Jul 2020 (Saturday)
Time: 2:00pm – 4:00pm

Security Laws in Singapore and Hong Kong: A Comparison

This seminar will introduce the development and regime of national security laws in Singapore, in comparison with the Hong Kong National Security Law. Speakers from Singapore and Hong Kong will analyse the similarities and differences between national security laws in the two regions and explore the implications of Singapore’s experience for Hong Kong.

Moderator 主持人 :

Fu Hualing 傅華伶
Dean, Warren Chan Professor of Human Rights and Responsibilities, HKU Faculty of Law (香港大學法律學院陳志海基金講座教授、院長)

Speakers 講者:
– Michael Hor
Professor, HKU Faculty of Law (香港大學法律學院教授)
– Kevin Tan
Adjunct Professor, National University of Singapore (新加坡大學法學院客座教授)