Date: 25-26Jan 2022

HKU Sympoisum: Redesigning Intellectual Property Protection in the Era of Artificial Intelligence (January 26, 2022)

Panel 2: AI and Copyright Protection

Moderator & Commentator: Mark McKenna, Professor of Law, UCLA School of Law

Pamela Samuelson, Richard M. Sherman Distinguished Professor of Law and Information, UC Berkeley School of Law
Presentation title: AI Copyrights: No Longer a Toy Problem 

Mark Lemley, William H. Neukom Professor of Law, Stanford Law School
Presentation title: Fair Learning

Haochen Sun, Associate Professor of Law, University of Hong Kong Faculty of Law
Presentation title: A New Sui Generis 

Right Carys Craig, Associate Professor, Osgoode Hall Law School
Presentation title: The AI-Copyright Challenge: Tech-Neutrality, Authorship, and the Public Interest