50th Anniversary Book Talk
An ongoing journey

Speakers: Professor Johannes Chan SC (Hon), Dr Margaret Ng
Discussants: Dr Marco Wan, Ms Cora Chan

This book talk brings together two prominent alumni of the Faculty to talk about their recently published recollections on law and politics in Hong Kong.

In Paths of Justice, Professor Johannes Chan reflects upon the fundamental themes and basic values of our legal system by drawing upon his experience as a scholar and a barrister. He explains and demystifies some of the most frequently asked questions about the law. How does a lawyer defend someone who is guilty? Does the law favour the rich and the resourceful? Is there a duty to obey the law in all circumstances? How do we balance human rights against national security when they are in conflict?

In Under the keystone (拱心石下──從政十八年), Dr Margaret Ng recounts her experience as a Legislative Councillor representing the Legal Functional Constituency between 1995 and 2012. She gives a first-hand account of the operation of the Legislature, and shares her thoughts on how the legal profession and the rule of law in Hong Kong have changed over the years. FULL DETAILS