Date : 11/2/2011

Chair: Christine Loh, CEO, Civic Exchange
Panelists: Lorenz Langer, Institute of International Law, University of Zurich
Sonny Lo, Department of Social Sciences, Hong Kong Institute of Education
Michael Martin, Congressional Research Service
Wang Zhenmin, School of Law, Tsinghua University

How do learned outsiders see political developments in Hong Kong? This is the theme of the next event in the Hong Kong Political Reform Series. Join CCPL and the Hong Kong Journal as we listen to and debate with some new voices on current issues concerning the reform of Hong Kong’s executive and legislative systems under the Basic Law. The coming together of these diverse speakers who are all well informed on Hong Kong events promises a lively event capturing new ideas and insights. The Hong Kong Journal ( is a quarterly online journal about issues relating to Hong Kong and China. Edited by Robert Keatley, the Hong Kong Journal has published much thoughtful writing about political, economic and social issues relating to Hong Kong and its neighbourhood since 2006.