Happiness has been a high profile subject over the last decade with books like Emotional Intelligence, practices like Positive Psychology and courses on Happiness at Harvard leading the way. Clearly, people want to live happier lives, not just materially, but mentally and spiritually, as well. Looking past the quick fix version of promoting pleasure, people want to address their deeper needs for engagement and meaning. This talk introduces a new paradigm, Affirmative Facilitation (AF), which considers the role of positivity in conflict resolution. AF integrates a variety of concepts and techniques into a new problem solving paradigm. In this continuing evolution of social interaction, AF provides skills to resolve conflicts in positive ways as a precursor to living an authentically happy life. AF can be used in any setting with any number of people to resolve any issue. Flexible, AF can be led by a facilitator, mediator, teacher, student, employee, manager, parent or youth.  FULL DETAILS