The rule of law is a core value of Hong Kong as well as a cornerstone of the city’s prosperity. To uphold this value and safeguard our system, HKU Faculty of Law is instrumental by nurturing not only members of the legal profession but also committed community leaders. Through the 6-episode TV docudrama “A Legal Journey”, let us trace the journey of local legal education in the past five decades and how it contributes to the legal system and the rule of law in Hong Kong when meeting the challenges of a rapidly changing environment.

The English version of “A Legal Journey” will be aired on Thursday, 15 August 2019 at 5:30pm on RTHK31 for six consecutive weeks.


第一集 [擊鼓鳴冤]
Episode 1 [Redressing Injustices]

第二集 [時代印記]
Episode 2 [Imprint of the Times]

第三集 [不平則鳴]
Episode 3 [An Unsilenced Voice]

第四集 [未完的課]
Episode 4 [Unfinished Lesson]

第五集 [說文解字]
Episode 5 [More than Words]

第六集 [訴訟以外]
Episode 6 [Beyond the Courtroom]